A seven-story building with an area of 6152 square meters located adjacent to campus, provides facilities and services to the faculty, students, and staff of Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology. The library holds some 500,000 catalogued items, including books, periodicals, and non-book materials. In addition to regular library instruction, circulation, course reserve, reference, and information services, the library also electronically links campus users to a wide array of databases, electronic journals, and selected web reference resources. As a member of the national Inter-Library Cooperation Association (ILCA), the library likewise offers inter-library loan services. In addition, the library provides a newly-renovated audio-visual section, in which multimedia equipment and audio-visual material such as DVDs, VCDs, and CD-ROMs are available to campus users. In order to improve appreciation of art on campus, the second floor of the library holds the Chien Hsin Art Gallery, an area hosting regular art exhibitions and cultural activities. Every semester, the library offers brief training courses to faculty and students on the use of library resources. An introductory tour of the library is also incorporated in the freshmen orientation program.